Vieira de Almeida

Solution: 3 slow charge points (3.7kW)

Vieira de Almeida is one of the most prestigious European law firms with more than 440 employees in  13 jurisdictions. VdA moved its headquarters to a new and modern building on Avenida 24 de Julho in Lisbon in 2017.

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Q8 Circunvalação

Solution: 11 Fast charger (50kW)

Q8 is widely recognised as a key oil and gas player, already with more than  4,400 service stations in Europe. In Portugal, Q8 has 19 service stations in the north of the country. 

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Solutions: 5 charging hubs with 12 fast chargers (50KW)

Uber, in an exclusive partnership with Power Dot, created an extensive network of EV charging hubs. Drivers are thus able to use 2 hubs in the Porto district (Maia and Bonfim) and 3 hubs in Lisbon (Airfut, Doca de Santa Amaro and Tires). Each hub has the capacity to simultaneously charge between 4 to 8 cars and has been sized to allow for further on-site expansion.

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Amoreiras Shopping center

Solution: 2 EV Chargers (22 kW), Circutor Urban

In operation since 1985, Amoreiras is one of the most iconic commercial spaces in Lisbon and Portugal. Due to its characteristics and irreverent design, it is a shopping center that has become a must-visit location for Lisbon residents and tourists.

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