Who are we?

Power Dot is an EV charging operator with over 350 charging points under management. Power Dot was founded in 2018 in Portugal and today operates in 5 other countries: France, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg and Poland.

What does Power Dot do?

Power Dot creates EV charging solutions for private users and fleets.
We adapt our EV charging offer to different customers' needs, offering solutions from slow charge points (3.5 kW) to fast ones (50kW)
We invest, install and operate EV charge points in parks and parking areas. Our vision is to offer charging solutions that are tailored to the the different needs of each specific car park. We invest in semi-fast charge points (1h30 average charge time) in commercial areas where the average customer visit takes around 60 minutes. We invest in slow charge points (6 hours average charge time) in office parks where the parking duration is usually longer.
Company car fleets have different charging needs and therefore require bespoke solutions. At Power Dot we develop EV charging solutions that are uniquely designed for your fleet. As an example, Power Dot has partnered with Uber to provide power to all the EVs connected to the Uber app.

Increase the return on your car park without any associated cost or investment


A sustainable future relies
on electric mobility

Mobility is responsible for 25% of the planet Earth's CO2 emissions. It is therefore essential that this new generation of cars does not contribute to the increase of CO2 emissions.

At Power Dot we want to be part of this change and bring charging solutions for all EV users.

To partner with Power Dot is to contribute to a more sustainable planet!

Case Studies

Key partner brands

Power Dot operates EV charge points across a wide range of partner locations in Portugal:


Exclusive EV charging for Uber drivers and partners.